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Feathers and Firecats.

(Live edition)

...so long as Vengance has hot water bottles.
alice in wonderland, angels, audrey hepburn, beauty, breath, busking, caffeine, captain jack sparrow, casablanca, cats, cherry blossom, chess, cinnamon, classical literature, clubbing, commedia dell'arte, comparative mythology, crayons, crows, cyberpunk, dance music, dancing, dark crystal, dark fantasy, del amitri, dragons, ed wood, esoterica, face painting, fencing, film noir, firebreathing, firedancing, firepoi, fresh bread, garbage, gaston leroux, genies, glitter, gormenghast, gothic literature, greek mythology, guitar, guitars, hanuman, hard trance, harlequin, harry potter, hedonism, herbalism, how_appropriate_you_fight_like_a_cow, hugging, indie, inscense, italian food, jack daniels, jack the ripper, jeff noon, jim henson, john collier, johnny depp, kissing, kissycat1000, labyrinth, larp, legend, lemony snicket, lester young, lewis carroll, lilith, lips, lofts, london, love, maelstrom, mandrake, marlowe, masks, masquerade, massive attack, mervyn peake, millionaire lovers, minotaur, mirrors, music, night, old songs, olive oil, oracles, people-watching, persephone, peter pan, pirates, placebo, poetry, poi, portishead, pretty shiny things, prodigy, purple, pyrotechnics, rain, raistlin, red-heads, richard e grant, river phoenix, robert graves, rooftops, sam raimi, seafood, sherlock holmes, sidhe, small bees, snow, soft kisses, soft skin, sparklers, spirituality, stargazing, starry nights, staying up late, steerpike, stilts, street theatre, sunglasses, sunlight, swimming, swords, tattoos, tears, terry gilliam, terry pratchett, theatre, thunderstorms, tigger, tim burton, tori amos, trance, travelling, ultraviolet light, uv, vampires, venice, victoriana, warm fires, watching the sun rise, wildhearts, wine, wishing on stars, writing