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Feathers and Firecats.
(Live edition)
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12th-Dec-2012 11:55 am - WELCOME!


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If you want to see more that these snippets, please leave a comment.
Things for sale: Larp-Kit, books, DVD's, Games, Video Games.


Email offers to dom.flannelcat (at) gmail.com
9th-May-2012 12:34 pm(no subject)
So. New phone handset arrived. Hopefully this is better than the last replacement they sent. Tried to import all my contacts from the SD card. Fail. Tried to update from Sim. Fail. Tried to backup from Google Contacts. Total Fail.


So. One *again* - I need everybody's telephone numbers, please.

Feel free to text me.
3rd-Mar-2012 10:58 pm - Clockwork Watch

Save The Date : 6th May 2012

Clockwork Watch launches at the Tomorrow's World Today Expo in London

A day of Interactive Theater / Freeform Lrp / Pervasive Games, set against a backdrop of Scientific Development.
Spaces will be also be available for traders / makers / crafters to tout their wares.

Save the date.
Come and play.
20th-Aug-2011 08:49 am(no subject)

For those people in Maelstrom LRP playing Gerosos - a new forum!

If you are also playing in the Wolves of Santiago, sign up and I'll set permissions for you to see the group subforum.
22nd-Jul-2011 05:08 pm(no subject)
Signal boosting the following from gargoyle_addict.

Hi All, I know it's been a while since the original discussion on [info]flannelcat , but I am keen to see this turn into a proper forum (in the classical not necessarily virtual space sense) in which various aspects of the social and ethical implications of our hobby/s can be discussed.

I have been mulling it over since then and have a few ideas, but really want to get people who will want to use it involved in deciding what it should be. I'm not asking for moderation or admin time, but for people to work with me in designing something which will be useful and accessible.

In the interests of honesty, I should also say that I will be bringing my Open Uni 'Systems' * work to the table. This gives me a lot of tools for trying to explore what we want from it and what might work, provided I have input from other interested parties. This is NOT a guinea pig project, however the timing relative to my need for a 3rd year project is convenient. I will not use any comments etc without consent, and then only anonymously.

So anyone interested? I don't want to bias discussion by revealing my initial thoughts yet.

* Systems - ie systems thinking, a multi-disciplinary field which explores complex and problematic situations using holistic methods, particularly useful for people/culture oriented situations where multiple perspectives need to be be explored.


(The original post, about culture in LARP and geek culture generally, can be found here: http://flannelcat.livejournal.com/350965.html )

If this is a topic that interests you. (And it generated some interest last time it was raised.) Have a wander over?
19th-Jul-2011 03:42 pm - Signal Boosting
Friendly but private 26 year old professional man looking for good sized double room or (preferably) a studio/ one bedroom flat in the Brighton area.  Non-smoker, no pets, has own furniture so unfurnished is preferred. 

Within walking distance (1 mile) of Brighton, Hove or Portslade train stations.
Good storage space - either within room or access to attic space/ water-proof shed
Bike storage
No loud parties all night!
Non-smoking household
Broadband internet access
Washing machine (or, at a push, local launderette)

Up to £650 pcm including all bills, the cheaper the better

Please signal-boost!


Comment here if you know of anything:

I predict a riot!

Firecat Masquerade regularly provides actors for training simulations and scenarios. We currently provide people on a monthly basis to Clarity Security Training, based in Northamptonshire, who run training courses designed to prepare Humanitarian Aid Workers for the realities of field work overseas. We also provide actors for other organizations on an ad-hoc basis, in a variety of locations.

New dates for Security Simulations are out. We're also looking for volunteers to help populate a riot scene.

All the fake blood you can eat, for a great cause.

Interested?: http://www.firecat-masquerade.com/security_simulation_shoutout.html

Please propogate this on your own journal or send the link to people you think may be interested.
Signal Boosting: Firecat Masquerade re still urgently looking to recruit volunteers for our Security Simulations - particularly for the 6th April.

If you or anybody you know is interested in volunteering a day of your time in return for expenses, hostage-taking and all the fake blood that you can eat, please get in touch.

Feel free to share this link widely. - http://www.firecat-masquerade.com/security_simulation_shoutout.html
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